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Sabrina Gonzalez LMT, CCST, MLDC, CBMT, MFRC became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2016 by the Nevada School of Massage Therapy. In 2021 she became a certified manual lymphatic drainage therapist by LMT success group. Wanting to learn more about cosmetic surgery, in 2022 became a certified breast massage therapist by the Spurgeon Method. Once Norton School of Lymphatics revealed they were going to offer a cosmetic surgery therapy course she immediately signed up and in 2023 became one of the first Certified Cosmetic Surgery Therapists by Nicole Psomas. Diving deeper into learning about the body she took John F. Barnes Myofascial Release 1 course and realized this is what makes a wholesome therapist. Sabrina is always continuing her education and discovering new courses to help progress her skill.

Immediately following massage school she got hired at some of the most elite spas on the strip such as Efrea at Hilton Grand Vacations Club and Qua at Caesars Palace. In 2017 she starting her mobile massage business working with sports mobilization and injury massage. In 2020 after the spas closed down due to covid she decided to focus on her business full time. Towards the end of 2020 she started to see a rising demand for post cosmetic surgery massage or lymphatic drainage massage and realized she needed to find a good course to learn the proper way to work on these patients, it was then that she began her educational journey with many different specialist in the lymphatic field. Once she started working on different patients and started noticing that when receiving improper massages you can have complications, such as fibrosis, seromas, irregular incisions and scar tissue formations. She noticed there was so much more to learn in order to help these patients with these complications. She figured out that If you wanted to help your patient's it is imperative that you have a well rounded education in not just lymphatic drainage but scar massage, kinesio taping, facia, and structural integration. This is why in an industry that is continuously changing Sabrina is always researching new methods surgeons are performing in cosmetic surgery and growing her education to learn new ways to help her patients


Our goal here at Las Vegas Cosmetic Recovery is always to facilitating you in your healing process and also hold space for you when you need it, because the healing journey can be a ruff one but it doesn't have to be when you have the right provider to guide you. 

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